Your Perfect Photoshoot Experience

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It all starts with conversation - Vera Change

It all starts with a conversation

Let's sit down and have a coffee. Tell me your idea and I will tell you mine. Together we will work out the perfect scenario. When? Where? How?  I will answer all the question before you even ask them. What to wear, how to have your hair done, what to do prior the photoshoot to look your best. I have it all covered. 

Setting the mood - Vera Change

Setting the mood

Do you picture yourself in the city or rather at an epic natural location? Are you a fan of a photos in fashion magazines or do you prefer more casual portraits? Let's set the mood of the shoot  - I will create your own unique moodboard  - a gallery of the desired pictures - and we will follow your style.

Browse some of my favourite moodboards here. 

Wardrobe and props - Vera Change

Wardrobe and props

Following the moodboard, I will talk you through the wardrobe. What to wear to achieve the best results. Which colors to choose, which ones avoid. We can choose together from your own array or we can use my collection. Over the years I have gathered some amazing pieces, from skirts and blazers up to the tiniest accessories,  all matching my personal style. I will also recommend the makeup and hair style to fit your mood. 

The perfect location - Vera Change

The perfect location

I love to shoot on location - there are countless of  beautiful places out there and I want to visit them all with you.  Doesn't matter if you're looking for an engagement session or editorial style -  the location is crucial and with me you will get it right. From cities to waterfalls, I am sure I already know the perfect place for your photoshoot.  You will get a beautiful pictures and as a bonus - little field trip experience as well!

Let´s shoot! - Vera Change

Let's shoot!

 Jump into a car - yours or mine, I don't mind - it's time to shoot! No need to panic - on the photoshoot there will be only you and me. Nobody else who you need to be nervous about. We will get coffee (again! I live for a flat white) and chat and laugh and hours will fly by, you won´t even know how. We will get creative and relaxed - because photoshoots should be fun, right? At the end of the day both of us will be happy, my camera will be full of amazing pictures and you will go home with the perfect experience and hopefully lovely memories from the day. 

Cherry on the top - Vera Change

The cherry on the top

And the best part? Receiving your pictures! It is fast and reliable. I will send you a private online gallery with the pictures to choose from and I guarantee, you will want them all. Choose how many you wish and I will deliver them beautifully printed and packed like a sweet little gift. I love to make  photobooks so if you choose that option you will make my day brighter - thank you in advance :) 

Vera x

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Let's make you feel and look beautiful.