Published on Imagism magazine 04/2019


Photo and retouch: Vera Change

Makeup Artist: Bianca Rachel Houlgrave

Model: Georgina Ball @M Models Management

Inspiration for this photoshoot came from our makeup artist Bianca, who was inspired by her favourite makeup artist, Pat McGrath - she created a concept that she called "Swarms" which was inspired by the bees. The placement of the embellishment is inspired by how the bees clump together but never as one. They naturally form swarms, so we tried to visualise that with the embellishment placement. 
I find the original idea very inspiring, even though I wasn't aware of it at the time of the shoot. I haven't search much for an inspiration, I only had 2-3 pictures as a representation so I knew what was coming, but I haven't research any more ideas.I wanted to let my creativity flow and use different props and in camera techniques to achieve the look I had in mind. I am lucky I worked with amazing people like Bianca and Georgina, who trusted me and very easily went with the flow of the shoot, no questions asked. For a creative, that is the ultimate appreciation. 
I must admit though, when Bianca asked me to work with her on this particular shoot, I was not very keen at first - I am more of the classic look creator, I am not much of a "diamonds and sparkles" girl. However I love working with Bianca, she is one of my favourite makeup artists and I took this opportunity to let my creativity fly freely - as we all did on the day of the shoot. Now I am very happy I said yes to this project - those pictures became one of my favourites and hanging proudly on the wall in my studio.

Vera Change